From Burton with love

Marston’s Brewery: From Burton With Love

Beer brewing came to Burton-on-Trent for the water, and made it the brewing capital of the world. Burton is to brewing what Detroit is to the American car industry. Marston’s has been brewing beer in Burton since 1834, and is the last great brewer to have its roots in the town.

The problem is that Marston’s and its family of beers (lead by Pedigree) needed to appeal to a new generation of younger drinkers, unfamiliar with the brand’s history, but who are attracted by the authenticity and innovation of the craft beer movement.

Our response was to trade in Marston’s comfortable cardigan and slippers image, for a modern, gritty campaign that puts Burton back on the map – not just as a centre for brewing but through its people and their attitude.

The campaign, shot by original punk photographer Gavin Watson, captures the real people of Burton and Marston’s – at work and play, in beautiful images that always feel honest, authentic and not dressed up. Just like the beers themselves.