Putting the love in to money transfer

currencyfair uses its technological expertise and innovative peer to peer platform to disrupt the currency exchange market and give consumers exceptionally low rates.

Like many tech based innovation companies, they reach a stage in their growth cycle when they need to kick on, and accelerate their growth by appealing to a broad, non-specialist market.

The problem is that transferring money is a low interest subject, often with negative connotations of being over-priced and inconvenient.

Our solution at Big Al’s was to focus on the emotional reasons for sending money abroad. From buying your dream house in the sun, to an expat supporting his parents back home, there are countless backstories behind this simple act of transferring funds.

This allowed us to reframe currencyfair’s offering from a transactional value provider to an emotional enabler for its audience, and express the brand’s  clear sense of purpose to provide low exchange rates because it is the fair thing to do.